Say Goodbye to Your Unwanted Guests

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There’s no denying it—animals are crafty. They can find their way through the smallest cracks and build nests in the most unlikely places. If your home has an animal infestation, Texas Wildlife Wranglers LLC can help.
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Speak with an experienced pest control specialist today to learn more about our animal removal services. We serve Houston, TX and the surrounding area.

We’ll handle the animal damage, too

Texas Wildlife Wranglers believes that our job isn’t over once we remove the critters. To truly keep you and your home safe, we offer a variety of other services, including:

  • Animal damage repairs, to seal off any possible entryways
  • Painting services, to make sure our repairs match your home
  • Preventive rodent services, to keep wildlife out of your home year-round

Visit our Preventive Rodent Services page to learn what we can do for your home. We offer 10% discounts on our services to Hurricane Harvey victims, first responders, military personnel and senior citizens.

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