Damaged Siding? We’ll Patch It Up.

Damaged Siding? We’ll Patch It Up.

We perform animal damage repairs in the Houston, TX area

Animals, especially rodents, can chew through almost anything to get to their destination. If an animal decides to set up camp in your home, you can count on it leaving behind a trail of damage. Texas Wildlife Wranglers LLC can rid your home of unwanted guests, then repair any damage we find.

Speak with a professional from Texas Wildlife Wranglers to get started on your animal damage repairs now. We serve Houston, TX and the surrounding area.

You won’t even notice the difference

Texas Wildlife Wranglers prides ourselves on not only repairing your wildlife damage, but also covering it so the area looks like new again. We can repair a variety of areas in your home, including your:

  • Baseboards
  • Siding
  • Soffits
  • Walls

To learn what wildlife damage repairs we can do in the Houston, TX area, call 832-696-3399 now. We offer free repair estimates and can come to your home whenever you’re ready.