Keep the Critters Out of Your Home

Keep the Critters Out of Your Home

We provide pest control services in the Houston, TX area

Bugs can cause a lot of damage to your home. Because of their size, that damage can often go unnoticed for months or even years. If you think your home may be occupied by bugs like cockroaches or silverfish, Texas Wildlife Wranglers LLC can help.

Schedule an appointment with us today to take advantage of our affordable pest control services in the Houston, TX area. We’ll get rid of your pests before they cause further damage to your home.

3 reasons to get rid of a mosquito infestation immediately

Mosquitoes are tenacious creatures that can infest a home relatively easily if given the right environment. If you suddenly find your house or property swarming with mosquitoes, here are three reasons to call a mosquito control specialist:

  1. They’re a health hazard—mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseases and viruses, including some very serious ones like Zika and West Nile Virus.
  2. They breed quickly—mosquito eggs can hatch within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. They’re annoying—no one likes to get bitten by a mosquito and especially not by a swarm of them.

To learn more about our mosquito control services in the Houston, TX area, call Texas Wildlife Wranglers today. We offer 10% discounts on our services to Hurricane Harvey victims, military personnel, first responders and senior citizens.