Don’t Risk Another Rodent Infestation

Learn about our preventive rodent control services in the Houston, TX area

Once rodents, especially mice and rats, have found a house that they like, they will do everything they can to stay there. Clearing a rodent infestation out of your home is one thing, but without proper preventive rodent control, there’s no guarantee they won’t come back.

To protect your home and save you money, Texas Wildlife Wranglers LLC offers full preventive rodent control services in the Houston, TX area. Call 832-696-3399 today to learn more.

Keep your house protected year-round

Texas Wildlife Wranglers can take care of more than just rodents. With our preventive animal control services, we’ll keep out any unwanted critters that may be lurking around your home. After you sign up for our preventive services, we will:

  • Complete a full inspection of your house
  • Seal off any potential entryways
  • Guarantee our services to you for a full year

Sign up for our preventive animal control services today to keep your house in the Houston, TX area safe from future infestations. We offer 10% discounts to Hurricane Harvey victims, military personnel, first responders and senior citizens.