Hire a raccoon removal expert in Houston, TX

Hire a raccoon removal expert in Houston, TX

Have you ever wondered why raccoons get so close to people? You would think that they would be afraid of us but that is not the case. Raccoons have a very high comfort level with humans and aren’t very picky with where they make their dens, which can be a serious problem.

The experts at Texas Wildlife Wranglers LLC in Houston, TX are trained in raccoon removal and trapping to make sure that the raccoon isn’t harmed. We make sure to catch them in the most humane way possible to protect them and your family.
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Raccoon Removal

How to prevent raccoons from living in your space

Making sure that your raccoon problem is taken care of efficient and effectively is our main concern. But there are a few things that you can do to help protect your home from future raccoon issues. You can:

  • Make sure that the lid on your trashcan is tight
  • Make sure that all exterior entrances are closed 
  • Install a small fence around your garden

  • Fill small holes in your yard that they can nest in 

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